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"The Art and Soul of the American Labor Movement"

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Founded and directed by longtime cultural worker Elise Bryant, the DC Labor Chorus is a musical ensemble that sings at concerts, rallies, demonstrations, and picket lines. While some members are current or former union employees, every member actively supports the principle of liberty and justice for all. Members are of various ages, races, and faith traditions. Some are professional musicians, while others simply enjoy blending their voices to make a joyous sound that comes from songs of the civil rights and labor movements. We sing for solidarity. We sing for peace. We sing for jobs. We sing for justice. We sing for joy! Your donation allows the choir to continue raising our voices in song for peace, jobs, and justice! We thank you for your support!
Support LHF's main fundraising event where we honor Labor Leaders and celebrate Arts within the Labor Movement!
This fund is to support approved applicants with some of their expenses to attend the Great Labor Arts exchange and some other approved programs.

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