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"The Art and Soul of the American Labor Movement"

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REGISTRATION IS CLOSED! Due to overwhelming interest, registration has been closed for the Labor Notes Conference/Great Labor Arts Exchange. The waitlist is also full. Click here for the Labor Notes Program (draft).

We plan on livestreaming selected GLAE programs on the LHF Facebook page; subscribe to our email newsletter for details (click on “Subscribe” at upper left).  

ALEXANDRA BRADBURY is this year’s "Joe Hill Award”, honoring lifetime achievement for a body of work in the field of labor art, history, education and culture. Al is the editor of Labor Notes, a singer-songwriter and former union researcher and organizer. 

2024 Labor Arts Workshops and Sessions (Overview; see the draft LN program for details)

• Great Labor Arts Exchange Morning Check-In, Fri 9:00am, United A

• Rockin’ Your Rally and Picket Line, Fri 10:00am, Heathrow

• Musical Theater: Bringing Labor History to Life, Fri 1:00pm, United A

• Creative Tactics and Strategic Mischief, Fri 3:00pm, Grand Ballroom B

• Songwriting for the Movement, Fri 3:00pm, United A

• Great Labor Arts Exchange: Open Mic, Fri 5:00pm, United A

• Finding the Poetry in Your Work, Sat 10:15am, United A

• Theater of the Oppressed/Teatro del Oprimido (S), Sat 1:45pm, Sky Harbor

• We Love Labor Films: Documentaries as Organizing Tools, Sat 1:45pm, DaVinci

• Meet the Authors, Sat 6:00pm, Grand Ballroom B

• Great Labor Arts Exchange Closing and Debrief, Sun 9:00am, United A

• Creating Protest Art, Sun 10:45am, United A

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